“We wrapped up a months-long project with Bea – can’t say enough good things about the process, and extremely happy with the final outcome! Having found her on social media, I contacted Bea before we moved in, and she was quick to respond, asking for details about the space, style preferences, timeline, etc. We met

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Carrie, Basel

“I live in a rental apartment and had been longing to make it feel more like home for a long time. I was ready to get rid of my old living room furniture and start from scratch to create a space that reflects my current style and makes me feel happy with my home environment.

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V, Zürich

“Bea came round to my house and helped me style my living room. She was very prepared and had used the photos I sent her beforehand to already come up with several ideas. It was a relief to have someone who knew what they were talking about and I really valued her opinions and ideas.

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Jenny, Altendorf

“Bea has worked on coming up with a full interior design solution for the living/dining room, kitchen and hallway of our recently purchased house. She has been great to work with listening to the needs of our family and being able to adapt the designs accordingly. I loved that she gave us two different design

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Seloni, Basel

“Thanks again Bea for understanding our needs and wishes and creating beautiful spaces out of our rooms”

Silje, Küsnacht, Zürich

“We have hired Bea to help us imagine an extension to our seaside house. She really listened to our requirements and came back with great suggestions. Practical, functional… everything has been very well thought out. Thank you!”

Frédéric, Nantes, France

“I have hired Bea to help me remodel our girly daughter’s bedroom into a teenager’s bedroom. I was impressed by her ability to listen and her creativity. The practical and organisational aspect of the design she put forward reflected exactly what I was after.”

Corinne, Zürich

“I love working with Bea, she has such great taste and style and her attention to detail is fantastic. She really listens to your brief and comes back with suggestions from suppliers and websites I wouldn’t have thought of. She also delivers beautifully crafted mood boards and shopping lists. It’s been a treat!”

Jane, Erlenbach, Zürich