V, Zürich

“I live in a rental apartment and had been longing to make it feel more like home for a long time. I was ready to get rid of my old living room furniture and start from scratch to create a space that reflects my current style and makes me feel happy with my home environment. It seemed like a daunting task until I found Bea. On my own, I would have struggled to articulate my aesthetics into a specific plan, not knowing which colours or textures go well together and would have agonised over every decision. Bea took the time to understand my style and what I envisioned for the place and helped me turn it into a reality. She prepared beautiful vision boards and renderings that helped me imagine what the final outcome would look like. All I could say when seeing the final design was “I love it”. I was amazed at how she was able to pick items that fit me perfectly, even down to the artwork. The whole process was a breeze. She has great taste and I trusted her opinions, which gave me confidence to go for it and not second-guess myself. Also, I have worked with other interior designers before and felt pressured to go for expensive high-end brands, which was not the case here. Bea was mindful of staying within my budget but still delivering my vision. I felt like she was focused on delivering the outcome that would make me happy and not just what would look good on a portfolio. I felt like I was in good hands. It was an absolute pleasure working with Bea and I would highly recommend her.”