The joys of styling an interior

Why would you spend time and energy styling a console table or an entrance hall? What on earth could it bring you? Happiness? Organised space at last? Enhanced functionality? I am all about styling interiors but I guess it can be a vague concept and its benefits might not be obvious. So, let me try to explain how styling your interior can directly impact your lifestyle, and even your mood.

Functionality and flow as a starting point.

Let me be very clear: any space, not matter how drop-dead gorgeous and instagrammable will be useless if there isn’t a clear function and if it doesn’t flow properly. So before ‘prettifying it’, you have to work on the bones of the place and make sure these are 100% working for your needs. What is the function of the room? Who will use it? How often? These are all valid questions that will direct the whole project one way or the other. For instance, in a master bedroom, you will ideally want some table space near the bed, a closet space neatly storing away clothes and shoes, some seating solution and perhaps a small dressing table. If you ignore that, you’ll more than likely open the door onto a messy room and face a stressful routine to find that dress and those shoes every morning.

So, clear and rationalise the room, and then what?

This is where the fun starts. On one side, you have just established the design requirements for the room with a clear function and flow, on the other side, you need to look at your existing key furniture pieces, accessories, artwork. Could it be re-used as it is? Re-used in another room or as another function? It is just a case of seeing the true value of the items and placing them in the ideal spot for them. It could be grouping them together, displaying them differently, having them re-painted or re-upholstered, changing the light angle, … Again, I am sure you can re-use a lot of your furniture and you should because this furniture has perhaps been collected over the years and is a reflection of who you are, what you like and has memories attached to it. Why start from scratch with some completely generic pieces that mean nothing to you? Of course, you will probably need to add some new items and this is cool. There are a lot of shops to choose from these days, from the more accessible styled options (  to designed bespoke solutions that meet your exact requirements. Another fun option is to have a creative look around the local ‘ Brockis’ (second-hand shops here) where, with a bit of a vision and upcycling skills, you can unearth some true gems.

And the benefit is?

Everybody’s individuality is what creates the great tapestry of life. Our differences make life so rich and interesting. It is the same for our interiors. One blend, monotonous interior doesn’t fit all. Our space is a reflection of us, our personality, likes, dislikes, history. Each interior will strike a different balance precisely because we are all unique. That delicate balance is called harmony in design and it is defined as “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole” – it can’t get more subjective than that! What constitutes harmony will truly be different for every one of us but what we get from it is that balanced, organised, re-energising environment where we happily retreat, live and thrive every day. Beyond the sheer functionality of a space, a styled interior is a way to stamp our own habitat with our unique personality and therefore fully own it. 

Just get in touch to discuss your project with me, big or small. I love styling and I would love to help you with your interior. I offer a free initial phone consultation to discuss your project and see how best I can help. Call me now! 

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