How to style your bedroom?

I have been working on a bedroom design project recently and I am always amazed at the Cinderella effect: how an empty shell can turn into something beautiful, calming and engaging. A true little nest. And the good news is you don’t need to knock down walls and spend a fortune either to get your perfect little room. 

1 – Start by working with what you have

My golden rule: I am afraid you will hear me repeat this one time and time again.  Look at the key features of the room: natural light, orientation, room size and shape. Are there any architectural details you want to highlight or on the contrary hide? All of this can be done by drawing attention to your chosen focus point (beautiful curtains framing a French window for instance) and tuning down the other elements. Why not experimenting with a feature wall with a gorgeous wallpaper? A feature wall is ideal to frame a headboard and bedside tables. It immediately draws the eye to that wall and add some depth and interest to the room.

2 – Stick to key essentials…

In terms of furniture you will need a bed, a chest of drawers and/or a wardrobe, a chair or a bed bench, bedside tables with some storage and good lighting. Again, look at what you already have and see if you can re-use some of it. Think a lick of paint, different handles, different feet,… And if you have to buy new items of furniture: please don’t go matchy-matchy. How about looking for an antique chest of drawers or mixing different furniture styles in the same colour tones?  

3 – … and stay on top of it

Organisation is also crucial I am afraid. You need to assess the amount of storage needed and make room for it. A messy space equals a messy mind and of all the rooms in your home, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, your happy place with a calming and restful vibe. Guess what happens if you wake up every morning to a chaotic bedroom?  Yep, you will wake up with chaos in mind and you’ll spend as little time in that room as possible. So no excuse, time to have a good spring clean and organise your belongings effectively and logically for an immediate uplifting side-effect!

4 – Textures for cosiness

OK, so here comes the styling side of it. Textiles are simply wonderful to add warmth and create that cocooning effect. Go for scatter cushions, crisp bedding, a soft rug, elegant curtains, a woollen throw, a velvet armchair. Style your bed with 2 bed pillows, 2 scatter cushions in a different colour or pattern and a contrasting scatter cushion in a different size. Curtains all the way to the floor please or even better pooling on the floor. Make sure you really layer the fabrics to bring depth, comfort and style to the room. Next to textiles, introduce natural or noble materials that will add a touch of elegance throughout: perhaps a wooden tray, a pair of ceramic table lamps or a brass reading light. 

5 – Art and accessories

Your room = your bits and pieces. This is your opportunity to stylishly display your jewellery, personal items, small keepsakes in small trays or in a glass jewellery box on top of the chest of drawers for instance. Art and accessories will turn the room into YOUR bedroom so spend time to decide what goes in and what doesn’t. I personally love a big vintage mirror to reflect the light and make an instantaneous beautiful style statement (yes, I absolutely love the French gilded ones). 

6 – Relax and enjoy! 

If you follow all these easy steps, you can have your little slice of heaven at home! Ah, one last thing: can we talk tablets, phones, computers in the bedroom? Ditch them. This room is your opportunity to disconnect and rest. You have the rest of the house, the rest of the day to be on technology. And if your phone acts as your morning alarm clock, you know what I am going to say: invest in a fab looking alarm clock to stylishly adorn your bedside table!

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