Five spring interior styling trends that are actually worth considering

I really don’t believe in following trends when it comes to interior design. At best you’ll have something that’s pleasant for the next couple of years, at worst it will be so off the mark that you will feel uncomfortable each time you step in your own home.

Any interior should be about you: who you are and what you like. Don’t worry about trends and what’s the latest must-have. First and foremost, it must make you feel wonderful and slightly giddy at the knees (ok, maybe that part is just me). Having said that, there are some current trends out there that are worth noting. They are actually not ‘new’, just a re-invention or an adjustment of what has been done before… but, hey, that’s the name of the game!

1 – Coral as an alternative

The message has been hammered home quite a few times now: Living Coral or Pantone 16-1546 is the colour of the year. You actually start to see it creeping in accessories and furniture now. Coral is an easy colour to live with – in small touches. Coral has warmer undertones than all the moody blues we can see everywhere, it adds an immediate feeling of comfort, cocooning and a zest of life to any space. It is a playful colour that invites us look on the bright side of life while giving us a big hug at the same time. What’s not to like?!

Use in accessories: think ceramic vases, scatter cushions, rugs, etc. or on furniture as the main colour for a soft armchair or sofa. Use shades of coral for a softer look. Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11.30.30.png

2 – Rattan everywhere

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen those rattan over-sized ceiling shades yet?! They are literally sprouting up all over town. They conjure up cool tropical/ beachy vibes, kick-off-your-flip-flops mood in any space. Hippy chic is what it is all about. Up to you to decide whether you want to install rattan shades in every room but I say yes to rattan and other natural textures when styling interiors. It balances the edginess of cooler materials (stone, metal, glass) by bringing a softer, natural, organic element to the scheme.

Think small touches again with storage baskets, tray, footstool or even a sisal rug.Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11.21.33.png

3 – Statement walls

This is actually something that I looooove. It all started with De Gournay becoming more main stream and by that I mean, visible in more and more interior magazines and a small but sturdy revival of ‘Chinoiserie’ in interiors. De Gournay curates the most beautiful panoramic wallpapers, exquisitely hand-crafted: an inspiration for us all. Those murals make for wonderful backdrops in a room, be it a bedroom, a bathroom. I have even seen it working brilliantly in a kitchen! They instantly tell a story and bring so much depth to a design.

The prêt-à-shopper versions are now available in your favourite boutique. Check out Ananbô for sumptuous alternatives, or even brands such as Rockett St George or Westwingnow.Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11.14.22.png,,

4 – Wavy lines

Be it in furniture, wallpaper, rugs, vases, etc. there is a move towards more curved, organic lines and wavy graphics in interior design. We see more scalloped furniture, fish scale tiles, rounded shapes in general – departing from the more angular mid-century and 80s trends we have recently seen. There is a current art deco influence with a wavier take on its geometry with more palm and fan motifs. This in turn contributes to a welcoming, comfortable atmosphere where the austerity of the straight lines disappears, while the symmetry of the pattern brings balance to the overall scheme.

Try it with small accessories: a vase, a tray but do consider some fish scale tiles for a small backsplash or a scalloped armchair in the bedroom corner.Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11.08.32.png

5 – Indoor plants

Now, indoor plants have always existed but there is a strong current trend to oversized, lush, noticeable plants in your home. They are restful anchor points in any interior scheme, bringing an immediate sense of relaxation, freshness and liveliness to a space. They can also be a feast for the eyes and even have detoxifying virtues for cleaner air in your home.

Think tropical and get inspired with the ubiquitous fiddle-leaf fig tree, banana plant, palm tree, cactus or even a single XXL leaf in a simple vase on your bathroom vanity unit.Screenshot 2019-03-12 at 11.37.51.png

Interestingly, this tropical inspiration is behind the current coral colour (under the sea), rattan (nature at its best), statement wall (many tropical themed murals on offer) and wavy lines (organic shapes) trends. Looks like nature – and sustainability – is seriously back at the centre of our designs…



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